about Tsivouli Park

It was Hans’ dream

Having lived and travelled much of the world in his working life, Hans R. Oberli wanted to create a ‘hosteria’ such as he and his wife Gill had found in the Andes. A small hotel set in wonderful Nature with six or eight rooms, gardens and animals.
And this is what he created here in…


Tsivouli Park

”In 1996 we started on the Ionian island of Zakynthos in Greece an organic farm with olive trees and emus and called it Tsivouli Park. In 2001 we built a guest house in the Byzantine style, with 6 rooms where guests are welcome the whole year round. Each room created with care, all the work having been done by Hans and local artisans. Walls and shelves are filled with the memorabilia of our life and travels.

Tsivouli’ is the name given to this area in the hills in the South West of Lithakia by the Italians in their “Libro D’Oro”.

We collect our rain water in large underground cisterns which is used in the showers and toilets. Fresh drinking water from underground reservoirs is available from a tap above the courtyard. We pride ourselves on being as environmentally friendly as is possible these days and encourage our guests to enjoy our animals and farm as much as we do.”

Gill Oberli, Tsivouli Park, Lithakia / Zakynthos